45 things I’ve learned in my 24 years

1. Don’t be stale like Hovis bread. Mix it up, keep evolving like Pokémon.

2. Don’t undersell or undervalue yourself. Are you reduced items at Tesco? Know your sauce, your stock value needs to be all the way up.


3. People will always try and abbreviate your name or change it to suit their pronunciation especially if its unique, nah fam, unless I tell you please call me like my parents call me and how its spelt on my computer or ID.

4. Going to University unless it is in a specialised field doesn’t necessarily mean better job prospects but it could be the best years of your life.

5. It’s okay to dream often. Ambition and wanting better for yourself is great and dreams can be achieved.

6. Never forget your roots or people have helped you along the way.

7. People will always think you live on the beach when you are from the Caribbean. Guess what? We live in houses and streets like most people and we might have to even travel to the beach #whatawow

8. Do your best, no matter what happens in life and what situation you find yourself in. If you can try and say you did your best whether the outcome is positive or negative then that’s what counts #issawin

9. If you are an ethnic minority or have an accent in the UK, you cannot be British. You must be from elsewhere. ‘Where are you from? Midlands, you? No, where are you really from? Oh yes, its 25 mind your business road, have you heard of it?’

10. Don’t live for social media #issatrap there is more to life than that. Don’t let it consume you and take breaks away from when you can or need to.

social-media-break- #takeabreak #haveakitkat

11. If I say Netflix and Chill, I mean watch Narcos and eat some ice cream. Not “Netflix and Chill” #winkwink

12. Take care of your health, wealth and happiness as they can be the most fragile. Major key trio to the success in life.

13. Take risks and go down a different route from everyone else. You might just get where you need to go faster.

14. Take a step back and reflect on what you have become and where you are planning to head.

15. Don’t always see the good in people. Not everyone is good even family, friends, bae’s, colleagues etc.

16. You don’t have to explain everything. This is not Mice of men. People love to question you but not every question deserves an answer.

mice-and-men #notgcseenglish

17. Don’t emotionally invest in everyone, you’ll end up emotionally drained, finding it very hard to get over someone and bae-less #youseeyourlife

18. Respect and care for yourself #issaplug

19. Be natural – whether its skin, nails, hair, interactions – Just let everything be you and breath occasionally.

20. English weather acts like a person who can’t make up their mind of what they want to eat. It moves different and likes going from one extreme to another.

good-old-british-weather-590x415 #needwarmerclimates

21. Travel as far and as often as you can! Experience different cultures, people, food, drink and languages.

22. Don’t let society pressure you. Who is society? What have they done for you? Do they pay for your lifestyle? – Nah tell them to lowe it.

23. Keep some mystery to your story – Not everyone has to know about you and your blood type, keep things quiet and don’t tell everything.

keep-your-moves-silent-your-money-invested-your-life-lowkey-24111896 #donttelleverything

24. Having my headphones in, doesn’t give you the go ahead and talk. I am listening about trapping and being the bando.

25. KFC Hot wings and Cheesecake are the plug and will help you when you are having a tough day imo.

26. Listen and be open minded to other opinions, everyone has a different thought process.

27. As KL said – Stay humble. Work hard. As the saying goes work hard in silence and let the success be your noise.

28. Don’t force feelings unless you are getting Balenciaga’s or free trips to Dubai, otherwise stop dragging the other person along, this isn’t Brexit. Tell them you don’t like them.

Brexit #longtings

29. If a girl or guy says they don’t like you when you do, don’t cuss them and start saying your beard doesn’t connect or your butters #butyoumovedtomethough

30. Like DJ Khaled said, they don’t want you to win. Some people will not like you no matter what you do my friend and want you to lose. There is always one goat hater that secretly dislikes you, what you are, what you represent or becoming #idontcare

31. Listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, go get it checked out.

32. Don’t settle or entertain negativity in your life. Settling is long and negativity can be damaging. Allow both!

Negativity 2 #dontentertain

33. Invest. In your life, in property, assets, relationships, friendships, work, social life, good food or you will have little to no “stock” in life.

34. Be smart with money and save. Money is tangible, here today gone tomorrow so use it wisely and make money look after you.

35. Think over a big decision at least for 24 hours. I mean moving to the USA is not a casj ting.

36. Take care of your mental health and don’t be afraid to ask for help, it doesn’t show your weakness but your self-awareness and wanting to improve yourself.

37. Embrace your uniqueness, it’s okay being different. Authenticity will always remain in style.

38. Age doesn’t come with maturity, experience or J Hus #commonsense – You could be 15 and been through a whole lot or 35 and had very little life experiences.

39. Spend time with loved ones, appreciate them and tell them you love them before it’s too late #iloveyouimaginarybae

40. You don’t have to always be fleeky, sometimes looking like a roadman is acceptable, not so sure about 2 tracksuit bottoms with a bomber jacket for a job interview though #mansnothot

Big-Shaq-Mans-Not-Hot-The-Ting-Goes-Skrrrraaa-669x600 #2+2is4 #-1thats3quickmaths

41. TALK. If you are telling the truth, you need to talk whether it’s to me, your therapist, bae, your friends, family or someone just someone. You don’t want to look like a big pot of curry mutton on the pressure cooker.

42. Don’t sell dreams as some people will get sold and then when you can’t back it up in person you look like you are doing the #bowwowchallenge

43. Never envy people’s success or when good things happen to them, you don’t know the journey or the struggle that got them there.

44. Forgive, sometimes some people can’t help and do you dirty, so you’ll might have to forgive them but realise, you don’t need them in your life either.

45. Laugh! Listen, a day without cracking the smallest of smiles or busting jokes, isn’t a day. There are plenty of things to laugh about.

Well these are the 45 things I’ve learned in my 24 fruitful years of life. It’s been colourful, long may it continue.

Peace until next time,

This girl can write, A

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