That’s Some 20/20 Clear Vision

2020 Vision -We are a whole 7 days into 2020 people.

Any visions, like Raven Baxter?

2020 can be a year you make it, think of how many people didn’t even make it here and you are still here!

So, my question is, what are you going to do with this year?

I feel like this year could be a year of hope. When you have hope, you can make it through another day.

Here are the most common new year resolutions for 2020;

  1. Diet or eat healthier – Sis you’ve been saying you are going on a diet since 2012, your child is doing his GCSE’s. #yawn
  2. Save more money – There are ISA’s everywhere – no excuse.
  3. Take up a new hobby – Throwing shade on Insta is not a hobby.
  4. Stop chasing clout – That should be one for some of you, we don’t need it please.
  5. ‘No negative vibes’ – Should have left that in 2019 and more time you are the ‘negative vibe’.

Beware of the power of the tongue, be mindful and speak positive things over you, you’ll be surprised where you could end up!

Put in the work in, so when it comes – you believed and worked towards it.

Everything in this life is an transaction! We move. You need to manifest it and bring it to life. Cry and then boss up.

Do you believe in resolutions if you have any or do you prefer to set goals and then smash them?

Peace until next time,

This Girl Can Write, A


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