10 Black British Podcasts You Need to Listen To

2019, there are a lot of podcasts to choose from. Most digital streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud offer various podcasts to choose from, from lifestyle and health, sports, news and politics, music etc.

My Love For Podcasts

On my ‘April Favourites’, I made it a point that I LOVE podcasts, if I don’t listen to one a day then I don’t feel right. For me it is like a podcast a day keep the blues away. I take my podcast loyalty very seriously haha, I think I need a loyalty card.

My Top 10

  1. 3 Shots of Tequila – Hosted by Marv Abbey, Mr Expsd and Tazer Black, this podcast is amazing and hilarious! Been listening since 2016 with Savage Dan and guests including Cadet (RIP), Margs (The 4th Shot of Tequila), Klayze and Mo the Comedian as well as Donaeo. The hosts bring on their friends such as Nathan, Yusuff, Gracious K and others, it is refreshing to hear 3 black men talking about life as it is today. It helps you get an insight into what and how men think and a great start to the weekend.
  2. Meet Us After 7 – Hosted by Gina and Yusuff, their banter and friendship presents a great podcast. Both personal trainers, they are too funny. Talking about everything from religion, TV, culture, general news alongside Brent, it is a great addition to your Sunday.
  3. The Receipts – Hosted by Audrey, Milena and Tolly T, this podcast is brilliant. These girls are like the older sister or cousins you never had, straight G’s. I live for the dilemma’s that people send in weekly, some people live life differently sha. They’ve had guests from Dotty (BBC 1 Xtra), Julie Adenuga, Ms Banks and Oloni and they are so real. Unfiltered and real advice is given and I am here for it! It is great podcast and best thing to come out on Wednesdays!
  4. 90s Baby Show – Hosted by Fr3d Santana and Temi Alchemy, these 1992 babies are talking about navigating life from a 90s baby perspective. I laugh every episode without fail. They have great guests, talk about interesting topics such as gentrification in Africa, sexual consent, finances, juju stories and much more. I love these 2, they work so well as a pair and it gets me in a good mood for the week ahead!
  5. Off the Cuff – #offthecuff worldwide baby. A good honest conversation never hurt anyone. Hosted by Fols Forever and Mr Vans, they tackle topics of the day from music to culture to entertainment. I enjoy listening to them and the analysis of how they dissect certain topics and they are amusing with it as well. Listening to these 2 makes my Thursdays more enjoyable.
  6. Laid Bare – Hosted by Oloni, Bad B SJ and Scotty Unfamous this is a sex positive podcast, the titles are too much, I always listen to them on the smallest incognito tab I can open at work haha. This podcast talks about sex, sexual health, relationships and much more and I lowkey live for the advice haha. Sometimes the podcast is too much for my prude little mind, but it is important as women we feel comfortable talking about sex and relationships safely as it can be a big part of your life. I would recommend ladies and men both to listen to it and remember to practice consent and safe sex!
  7. Disunomics – Hosted by Disu this podcast takes one a topic each week and breaks it into detail such as the rise of influencers, income tax, Brexit, racism in football and making economics easier to consume and understand. I enjoy listening to Disu’s analogies and I think this podcast is useful for people growing up in the UK today as economics affects us more than you think!
  8. Halfcast – Hosted by Chuckie and Poets Corner with insights from Callum and Savage Dan, Chuckie loves a speculation and unpacks certain topics and issues in society today, music, growing up in the UK and wellbeing. It is a wholesome conversation littered with banter in between. They always have interesting topics and I find both Poet’s and Chuckie’s opinion to be interesting and varied and sometimes controversial, but I love listening all the same. Also, the visuals on YouTube are lit!
  9. Say Your Mind – If you haven’t heard of Kelechi and it is not the one from Arsenal Fan TV then you are missing out. She is an opiniated strong black women and her podcasts are just real sis. When she said ‘Ring Ring pon the HR’ in relation to the workplace, I knew I had to listen. She has a unique take on current events with I love to hear!
  10. CodePinkPodcast – 3 girls from London taking on current issues happening in society today, talking about being a black woman today, being single in this economy and growing up and going to Uni in the Midlands, hilarious, relatable and just a good podcast! Love it!

These podcasts make me think, dislike, laugh and some cry with the content that comes from them. Many of the podcasts discuss similar topics but from different viewpoints and perspectives, it is so interesting, and I love hearing what people think.

Other Recommendations

  • Touchline Fracas – Great analysis and in-depth knowledge of football.
  • Tag Me In – Anton and Ola – another take on life and topics from 2 black men.
  • Talk that talk – 2 young ladies giving opinions on various topics weekly.
  • Black Gals Livin’ – 2 black girls talking about mental health, culture and general conversation.
  • Nii Deep – featuring a collection of guests with great conversations.
  • DMD – A group of mandem with weekly discussions about society, entertainment and current topics.
  • Rice at home – A podcast talking about entrepreneurship and how to gain financial freedom.

Do you listen to podcasts? Please recommend more to read in the comments below!

Peace until next time.

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