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As the world is becoming more accessible, I’d urge you to travel. If you have the time, money, desire and health then go for it. Can’t be stunting for the gram with 2 days annual leave.

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Travelling can shape you as a person, get you out of your comfort zone and can help you appreciate or change the way you live at home. Experiencing different food, smells, cultures, public transport, customs and people can be a wonderful experience where you don’t know who you’ll end up meeting. #fortheculture

You have to be getting them holidays in as you don’t know when the prices will increase and the EU could potentially look like myth in the near future. #issamyth. It can really help to broaden your horizons, job prospects and outlook on life. A little mini break can do wonders. (Side eye about the recent ‘trend’ of terrorist attacks *whatsapp emoji eyes*) If you do decide to go alone or with others, have some J Hus Common Sense, don’t trust anyone and make sure you have a portable charger and access to your bank account abroad. Manz card can’t be declining whilst finishing 10 plates of tapas and you’ve spent the majority of the local currency.

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Now when I mean travel, I don’t mean Leicester to Birmingham lol, I mean anywhere outside your current country or state, province for example Birmingham to Edinburgh, Manchester to Morroco aka any place that requires you to snapchat the boarding pass, passport and geotag. #dab

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However, where you decide to go, make sure you stay in your lane with your budget. Can’t be doing Rick Ross when your bank account is looking E like your petrol tank. Travelling on your own can be good, with family, loved one (bae) or loved ones #squadgoals. You might even be lucky and have a holiday romance! You cannot be one of those London to Miami girls (London to Ibiza, whoa back on the island) but these times you take the number 10 bus to work and you’re snapchatting backgrounds from Debenhams. What a damn shame. It’s not by force, a lot of people travel (outside of work) and don’t like it. Ahh life shouldn’t be like that, you should travel because you like it and you want to henjoy.


Before going, check the luggage requirements and pack under the luggage limit so you can bring back some food or souvenirs. Don’t go overboard because you will have to pay those overboard prices and they are dirty still. It can get annoying when you are being all touristy (unless you want that type of holiday) and be there with your selfie stick taking 400 pics when your phone only has the space for 200 and you left your memory card at home or worse it is full.

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Nope, none of that! Live like a local, eat the food, pick up local phrases and visit the places that local people go too. Get a map in the language you can read, get a bus/train ticket and explore the city. Each city has something different to offer!

Respect the culture and the religious customs if necessary. Can’t going to a conservative Muslim or Jewish country and be skinning out. It ain’t Leeds. Research online before, see what can be accepted and tolerated so you can henjoy and get the most out of your trip unless you will be getting done dirty on a regular like Courtinho and Barcelona or Sanchez and Arsenal atm! Any experience is a learning curve, you can meet new people and henjoy especially if the weather is behaving like the season it is in unlike the UK. The weather here is moving like girls who can’t make their mind up when boys ask them what they want to eat.



I’ve travelled this year and hope to travel in the near future #holidaypending #dab in Europe and I have had a great time, busted unlimited jokes, felt so much lighter and better mentally, and opened up more. The only downside was that I didn’t meet bae but oh well didn’t fancy Google translating everything he says #Internationalbae

Overall there is more to life #drake #morelife than travelling.

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Getting out there and doing Dora the Explorer can really benefit your relationship with yourself, family, bae and I’m sure it will small small boost your mental wellbeing even if it’s for a short period! I hope you are looking to book your next adventure soon.

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Peace until next time,

This Girl Can Write, A

P.S. My thoughts go out to people and families affected by the recent ‘terrorist’ attacks in Barcelona and other parts in the world, tropical storm dutty Harvey and the mudslides in Sierra Leone! I hope the countries can recover and no more lives are lost!

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